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Capsule lift is also known as glass lift which generally installed in big commercial buildings, hotels and malls. It is one of the most luxurious, safe and eye-appealing lifts. When it gets installed in the hotels, malls or any other big commercial building it enhances the appearance of the building. One of the significant advantages of installing capsule lift is that it requires less space. We, At, Alina offer you the finest-quality based capsule lift at an affordable pricing. Our offered fully functional, customized and high-quality based capsule lifts can bear the load of the people effortlessly. 
Our capsule lifts come with automatic doors which have high laser sensors enabling the doors to be automatically open and shut when required. So, if you are looking for the standard quality and advanced functionality based capsule lift then feel free to contact us. Our offered capsule lifts are impressive in design and good in quality and advanced in functionality. In addition, the price of the lifts is cost-effective and you will get the best annual maintenance services. Our experts will give you free consultation on selection of capsule lifts that perfectly matches with your requirements. We also offer you customization services that enables us to modify the lifts that suits your purposes. 

• Robust in design. 
• High performance. 
• Versatile. 
• Low consumption of energy. 
• High speed elevators. 
• Low maintenance. 
• Excellent construction. 
• Durable nat. 
• Exceptional finish quality.
• High passenger loading capacity. 
• Unmatched personal touch

• Our offered capsule lifts are made with the supreme quality of raw material that runs longer and maintain the durability of the capsule lifts. 
• Our offered capsule lift doesn’t take the large space of your home to install. 
• Our offered capsule lift door is available in steel and glass material.
• Our offered capsule lift provides you comfortable life. 
• Our offered capsule lift has emergency alarm, earthquake detector, and automatic door opening system. 
• Our offered capsule lift consumes less energy to function. 
• Our offered capsule lift is environmentally friendly. 
• Our offered capsule lift comes with lots of options for interior fixtures. 
• Our offered capsule lift easily moves from one floor to another and active round the clock.